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Aircraft Manufacturing

GAMESA Aeronáutica – Spain:

• ERJ145, ERJ135 and Legacy aircraft wing assembly.
• Installation of the vertical tail, horizontal and rear fuselage of the Embraer 170 aircraft.

AERNNOVA – Madrid Getafe:
•Training of assemblers - TRAINING - Airbus A-380
•Assistance in assembling the internal structure of section 19 - Airbus A-380
•In Hamburg, the company carried out VTPS fitting replacements (vertical tail mounting hardware) for Airbus A-380
•Adaptation of Airbus A330 aircraft to serve as MRTT (multi role tank transport - mid-air refueling of other aircraft)
•Assistance in the assembly of subassemblies and structural assemblies of the Sikorsky-S92 and Super Puma aircraft.

SK10, SK300 (Current ALESTIS group)
• Assistance in assembling the fuselage and vertical tail of the military C-295 and C-235 Airbus aircraft
• Assistance in assembling the fuselage and vertical tail of the military C-295 EADS CASA aircraft
• Assistance in assembling the Wingstub and winglet of the EMBRAER 190 and 195 aircraft

ATEC- Mediciones industriales S.A. - TAM Group
• Assistance in assembling the equipment support structure for the Lockheed P3 Orion aircraft
• Assistance in assembling Bombardier Q400 aircraft cargo doors
• Assistance in assembling the support and modification of the C-295 EADS CASA aircraft cabin

• Support for the assembly line, minimizing the incidence of non-conformities in the products of GAMESA (current AERNNOVA) - jb Proposal
• Support for the installation of engine control surfaces and hoods made in Spain.
• Tooling design and product in a Catia environment.

SONACA – Belgium:
• Installation of central and rear ERJ145 aircraft fuselages.

Aircraft Maintenance:

• Specialized maintenance in Brazilian Air Force Northrop F-5 aircraft, comprising replacing stringers, flap stops on the wing, and the canopy table.
• Removal, installation, adjustment and functional tests on relays, generators, transformers, circuit breakers, and static inverters.
• Preparation and replacement of electrical wiring
• Removal, installation, adjustment and functional testing of the steering system, landing gear, brake valves and wheels.
• Engine and accessory removal and installation

Galeão Rio de Janeiro:
Rio de Janeiro Aerospace Museum - MUSAL
• Specialized maintenance for FAB KC137 and C130 aircraft.
• Restoration of part of a B17 Flying Fortress aircraft.

WARREN / MARSH Aviation:
• Disassembly of a P16 Tracker aircraft at the Santa Cruz Air Base - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

• Installation of fixtures and walkways for an ALX aircraft fatigue test.

CELOG – Aeronautical Logistics Center – SP.
• Reengineering and nationalization of aerospace military and strategic material for Brazilian Air Force aircraft.

• AEW&C radar system integration engineering (Defense Technology). Support in the manufacturing of EMBRAER 190 and 195 aircraft wings.



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